Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bessie's the happiest of girls!

Bessie found out that her foster home was the last stop! They fell in love with their little girl and made it official! She's adopted. We all couldn't be happier!

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bessie arrives in Minneapolis

First Report of Bessie after arriving in her new foster home: "Bessie, the new
Minnesota Gal has arrived safe and sound. She is very
sweet, and although she is shy with the other girls right now, I don't
think that will last long. As Lisa said, she is definitely a Couch
Potato. In fact, she knew immediately which couch is the favorite of
all of us, including me.

She doesn't mind the crate, and is quiet when she is in it."

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Video: Silly Bessie during her first Snowfall...

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Bessie hung out at Aunt Lisa's place for a few days until her foster home became available. She was stealing hearts left and right---Bronson sure was smitten, as you can tell...

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A Lucky Girl!

Little Bessie is another rescue miracle---thanks to caring, wonderful people that made sure she had a future. Lisa, IBR rescue president, writes: "Thanks to Dr. Fugate in West Liberty, KY for NOT euthanizing at the request of her owner and donating all her vetting care. Thanks also to Gail for finding IBR and Verona for helping us move another worthy dog out of Kentucky.

She is CCCUUUUTTTTEEEEEE!!! She is also now and as it should be an- official member of the IBR Couch Potato club!"

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